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Beyonce’s what??? December 10, 2007

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Yesterday I was listening to music with Moses and Julieta, and Julieta said, “Get yourself up.  I want to see you dance.”  I started laughing and said, “Maybe another time.”  I told her white people can’t dance.  She disagreed with me.  I said, “No, really.  Black people can dance, but white people can’t.”  She said, “Yes, white people are good dancers.  What about Beyonce?”  “Beyonce’s black,” I said.  “CHEEE?  What?!” she exclaimed.  “No!  I thought she was white!  What?!  Moses, do you know Beyonce is black?!” 


One Response to “Beyonce’s what???”

  1. APN Says:

    You should really trip them out with this one — tell them that Mariah Carey is also a black woman!

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