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Flooding in Mozambique January 14, 2008

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Only two people have asked me about the current flooding in Mozambique (and actually the first person is how I even realized there was flooding!), so I’m not sure what news is being received elsewhere, although I’m actually getting my information from BBC! I think maybe no matter where we are in the world, even when disaster is down the road from us, we live with our heads in the sand. As I’m learning about the situation myself, I wanted to share with everyone else. No, Beira is not affected, although apparently an aid ship with relief supplies has arrived in Beira’s port to take supplies to the affected areas.


4 Responses to “Flooding in Mozambique”

  1. John Hubers Says:

    We didn’t hear about this at all . . . . What’s the story?

  2. jhubers Says:

    Click on the highlighted words, and it will take you to the BBC article.

  3. Elizabeth Wright Says:

    Hi, Jennifer. The flooding has been on British TV and today I received an email from ChristianAid requesting help for flood victims.

  4. jhubers Says:

    Good! I’m glad to hear that. I guess it’s just the States that’s not getting the news.

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