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Texans Sight UFO January 17, 2008

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I found this headline on CNN but nothing about floods in Mozambique.  Even when I searched under Africa, there was nothing on the floods here.  At least there is news about the rioting in Kenya.  To make that news a little more personal, here is an email from a pastor in Kenya (forwarded to me from one of my colleagues):

“Just aquick note to let you know that all is not well.Last night more than 34 families came to my church from  mt Elgon fleeing fresh violance and clashes for the last two days.We still have 350 and camped in my church for the last two weeks now and the number still increasind daily.We need your prayers for peace and your help in feeding them and providing accomondation for them.You cant stand to hear some things.Those fleeing tells me tjis morning that pregnant women was cut her womb alive and the unborn baby killed and hanged on the tree.Hell has broken loose here.Your quick response will save lives of children and  mothers who are sleeeping on bear  ground.”


2 Responses to “Texans Sight UFO”

  1. John Hubers Says:

    Its even worse in Chicago – America’s third largest city. The Tribune is so local in its coverage that other than the usual news from the Middle East or some other “hot” locale, we know more about problems on the south side than anything that might happen in Africa.

    The scary thing is that America is a super power. . . . . A super power that knows little about what happens outside its own borders.

  2. Jordan Says:

    I saw articles on Kenya two or three weeks ago because of the election violence, but now, nothing. What is being done for these people? What do they need?

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