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Hey, what currency are we in? January 19, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — Jen @ 8:28 am

I just signed a contract on an apartment which is very exciting.  What is strange to me, though, is that I pay my rent in dollars.  Yes, US dollars.  (I also paid for Portuguese lessons in US dollars.)  For some reason Mozambicans love US dollars.  Do they not know that it’s not the strongest currency in the world right now?  What boggles my mind is how many times my money has changed currencies.  Most of my support was sent in dollars to the UK where it was changed into pounds and deposited into my British bank account.  I take it out of an ATM in Beira in Mozambican meticais.  Then I go to the Indian money changer behind my office and change it into US dollars.  I wonder what percentage of an original dollar that a supporter gives me is in a dollar that I buy here in Beira. 


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