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Finally Arrived February 5, 2008

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I am now really, truly, actually, and finally living in Mozambique!  Why now?  Because I’ve finally moved into my own place. 

I first packed my bags on August 27 in Brighton, England.  After a trip to Croatia, back to England for Oasis training, on to Houston, then Cincinnati, then Detroit, then West Michigan, Chicago, a quick trip to Iowa, back to Chicago, then to Beira staying with a host family and then friends, I can FINALLY unpack my bags.  Five months later.  I have never been more excited about moving into an apartment.

Not only am I finally moving into my own place, but I am blessed to have a fantastic housemate who was already in an apartment with a housemate but has been equally as excited as me about moving into this new place.  Good housing is not easy to come by in Beira, but we have found a great place that seems safe, is two blocks from the beach, has electricity and running water (including a boiler in one of the bathrooms!), a large kitchen with plenty of workspace, a stove and refrigerator, a guest bedroom, a veranda with large screen doors and therefore plenty of natural light (one of my hopes for an apartment), and lovely neighbors.  We even have one functioning air-conditioner, which we will never be able to afford to run.  Maybe for a very special occasion.  And amazingly, between the Chinese shops and South African supermarket we’ve been able to set this place up with decent and attractive household items. 

I think it’s really going to feel like a home! 


4 Responses to “Finally Arrived”

  1. Anthony Says:

    Let’s see the pictures then! Glad things are beginning to take shape, finally…

  2. Ellen Says:


    After so much waiting, you should be so excited! Would you mind posting some pictures of your new home once you are settled in? I would love to see your photos of life there.

  3. Jordan Says:

    I third the pictures! So happy for you. It’s good to have a place to call home. May the Lord bless you and all that come to visit you there.

  4. John Hubers Says:

    Al hamdu lilah!!!

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