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How Great Is Our God February 6, 2008

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As we start our 24/7 prayer week (prayer coverage 24 hours a day for 7 days) on HIV/AIDS in Beira we were challenged this morning in our regular, weekly prayer meeting to think about how big God is.  I had been pondering the “size” of God already since I saw a Louie Giglio video over the weekend about the greatness of God.  (Wow!  Absolutely amazing!  I rarely get excited about sermons, talks, etc., but this one really got me excited.)  

So this morning we shared with a partner one image that we had about the greatness of God.  I could only share one there, but it got me thinking about many images from my life when I’ve stopped and thought, “Wow, God!”  Here are some:

* Riding in a dugout canoe through jungle-covered mountains in Honduras with a Norwegian YWAM team, and we were all silent watching the green around us.  Then one of the girls said, “How can anyone not believe in a Creator?”

* Watching a gazillion stars overhead while camping in the desert in Oman, and listening to the silence.

* Running along the airstrip in my village in Honduras and seeing nothing but angry black clouds ahead of me, then turning around and running back toward a pink, orange and red, brilliant sunset.

* Watching a giant moon rise over the savannah in Kenya.

* Watching sea turtles and giant rays noiselessly swim past or below me while diving in Honduras.  

* Nearly stopping on the freeway driving toward downtown Houston when it hit me how the thunderclouds above and behind the city completely dwarfed the skyline.  

* Anytime I sit on a beach anywhere in the world and listen to the repeated lapping or pounding of waves and contemplate how soothing a sound it is yet how frightening the vastness and depth of the water can be.  And how many other shores is that same sea touching?

I could go on.  We could all go on if we allow ourselves to recognize God’s greatness.  But to recognize God’s greatness leads us to praise Him and then to trust that He can and will continue to be great and do great things.  


One Response to “How Great Is Our God”

  1. John Hubers Says:

    OK, Jennifer. Now its clear. Your next calling is to be a pastor . . . Profound stuff – and what’s best is that I can envision it all. Here’s my list to accompany this:
    * Laying on the hood of our car staring up at millions of brightly shining stars in the desert outside of Thumrait
    * Camping with a high school friend in the Rocky Mountains and simply staring at mountains
    * Being on any beach in Oman
    * Flying over the Alps
    * Being there to watch you and Adam being born!

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