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Cold April 22, 2008

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I’m cold.  Genuinely cold.  As in, I wore a jacket into work this morning.  Of course I don’t own any close-toed shoes (apart from running shoes), so I feel very Mozambican today in my flip-flops, skirt, and raincoat/windbreaker.

Before I boasted about how cold it is here, I thought I’d better check a forecast to verify that I haven’t fully acclimatized and am ready to put on a stocking cap and gloves when it’s actually 75 degrees outside.  (Please note:  I don’t actually have a stocking cap and gloves with me here.)  According to BBC Weather, it is currently 19C (66F) and cloudy.  That sounds about right.  Winter is finally coming!


One Response to “Cold”

  1. John Hubers Says:

    And we’re headed for spring. It’s 68 now and heading for 73!! Yeeeeeeeeeea!

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