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The Food That We Eat April 28, 2008

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My housemate is leaving in a week for three month’s home leave in England. She already has her first meal planned – rhogan josh from her local Indian takeaway.

I leave for the States in less than two months. I am also starting to think of the food I want to eat upon my arrival. Uninterestingly, the top of my list right now is a turkey and Swiss cheese sandwich on whole-grain bread.

We have many discussions about the food we can’t get here. And then there’s the food we can get…

For instance, tonight I made stir-fried prawns with lime and coconut. Of course I can make this anywhere using frozen prawns. But where else can I use prawns that I bought fresh from a fisherman’s boat in the morning and that only cost $2.80/kilo (with half a kilo extra thrown in)? And where else can I use coconut milk made from a fresh coconut? Apart from the fish sauce (which I bought accidentally at my favorite local Chinese shop) and the rice, all the ingredients were fresh from the market. It was a darn good stir-fry.


3 Responses to “The Food That We Eat”

  1. John Hubers Says:


    When we were first in Bahrain (when you were but a thought in our minds) during the prawn season they would nearly give prawns away – it was something ridiculous like 10 cents/kilo. Good to see that you are continuing the tradition 🙂

  2. Jordan Says:

    When and where will you be in the US? I don’t imagine there’s much hope of paths crossing…

  3. Laura Says:

    Hey Jenn! I’ve been catching up on your blog tonight! I can hear your voice as I read it and I miss you! It has been too long since I have seen you.

    Love, Laura

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