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Blog Stalkers May 21, 2008

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I discovered a nifty little thing about WordPress recently – Blog Stats. It shows me how many people view this site daily, weekly, monthly, in total, etc. I get it in number form and in graph form. I must say when I first discovered it, I was thrilled. I didn’t realize so many people actually visited. I figured there were sort of the regular five people who leave me comments or send me the occasional email commenting on it. But my stats showed that on December 6 (my previous all-time high) 75 people viewed it. But then that started making me a little nervous to think that 75 people were reading my random thoughts and ramblings. Yikes. Then I started feeling self-conscious as I realized that 75 people had not read my blog on any given day since December 6. What does that say about my blog? So then I had two reasons to be self-conscious. Then there are the days when only a handful of people stop by. And it’s been a somewhat downward trend since then, although for some reason April started picking up again.

Then yesterday the graph peaked! Apparently 98 people viewed this blog. Thank you for stopping by! But can I also say…what the heck? Because out of 98 views, only two people left comments! Seriously? For those of you who keep blogs, you know that comments are what fuel us. Especially those of us in other countries. And seriously any comments are great, even if – as a friend of mine who blogs wrote on hers – it’s just to tell me what you had for breakfast.


9 Responses to “Blog Stalkers”

  1. Dianna Jonns Says:

    I don’t leave a reply here because others can read it! I usually send it to your email box!

  2. Rachel Says:

    I sometimes don’t leave a comment because I read your whole blog on google reader and I am lazy and it requires an extra click. (I’m really sorry, ’cause I’m the person who wanted to know about breakfast!)

    Tip: Make it so that only the first bit of your post is readable on an RSS feed, so people HAVE to click and therefore will be more likely to leave a comment. Actually, it’s nice because you can see more hits that way.

    I ate a bagel for breakfast this morning – not interesting. Actually my breakfasts of late are not remotely thrilling. A friend invited me over for breakfast on Sunday and it was phenomenal and I think it spurred me into more normal breakfast-eating-habits. (She made CINNAMON ROLLS! From SCRATCH!)

    Yep….ok, that’s a long comment. I’ll write you more comments I promise.


  3. renee Says:

    i had strawberry poptarts

  4. jhubers Says:

    So funny – I already know you guys read my blog. Who are the other dozens of anonymous people?

  5. davyellen17 Says:

    Well, truth be told, I sometimes CAREFULLY refer people to your blog. These are people you probably have met through me and are curious about the happenings in developing nations… or passionate about people… or about global affairs… or simply about Jesus… so there’s one or two of your blog stalkers! Love you Jen. And hope you don’t mind… you’re a rock star in my eyes. (Does that sound crazy? You know I am not crazy…)

  6. Margaret Says:

    I’m one of the every day “stalkers”, Jen. I love reading every thing you write, and I always look to see if there are comments. Those are fun to read, too. Gram

  7. Kim Says:

    Okay! Called to repentence…I am one of those ones that visits often, but doesn’t tell you how awesome your site is! I must say, your ramblings – especially the ones that that help you rethink your spirituality and your relationship with God – have really helped me to analyse my relationship with Him. Am I doing what I need to be doing? Am I putting my all into my prayers and really focusing on the things that matter? Am I diving in the scriptures and learning what they are all about and what will help me in my life? And most important, and I sharing the joy that I feel in the Gospel with others? Thanks for being that little boost that I need every once in a while!

  8. Kara Says:

    I, too, am a “Bird on a Bare Branch” stalker. I will try to do better about leaving a comment once in a awhile. Often, the only time I have I spend reading what my favorite bloggers have to say. Then, I’m off chasing Adah again.

    By the way, I am still ruminating on the “From a Dead British Dude and a Hip Mozambican” post. I have also been struggling with self-pity and your thoughts gave me pause (in a good way) and challenged me to dig deeper. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  9. John Hubers Says:

    Sounds like you’ve got quite a following, Jennifer. Count me in as one of your fans . . . But then I always have been 🙂

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