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For Everything Else There’s…Cold, Hard Cash and a Whole Lotta Hassle May 27, 2008

Filed under: Immigration — Jen @ 12:05 pm

Original visa to enter Mozambique: $60

Four visa extensions: approximately $170

Two criminal background checks: approximately $40

Translations of two criminal background checks into Portuguese: $40

Plane ticket to Maputo to visit the embassy to sort out problems with criminal background checks: approximately $200

Fingerprints: $80

US consul letter concerning criminal background check: $30

Translation of US consul letter into Portuguese: $25

Reassurance that I can stay in Mozambique for another three months: Priceless?


Three months have passed. I still don’t have a work permit, which means I still don’t have my residence visa, which means I paid Immigration more visits yesterday and today to extend my “precarious residence visa” (yes, it’s really called that – I am a precarious resident).


2 Responses to “For Everything Else There’s…Cold, Hard Cash and a Whole Lotta Hassle”

  1. Lynne Hubers Says:

    Will you be able to return to Moz after the wedding if you still have the “precarious residence visa”???


  2. Jen Says:

    Yes. It’s a 90 day multiple-entry visa, so I’m all set. Worst case scenario, I would have had to reapply for a new entry visa from the States. Thankfully I don’t need to bother with that, but I may get a new background check (with a stamp!) to cover my bases when I come back.

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