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Tampon Trick July 31, 2008

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I know I’m sidetracking a little from my summer travel stories, but I wanted to share this great tip with anyone who might want to send chocolate my way sometime…

I got an email from a friend in the UK awhile ago asking if I had gotten the chocolate he sent.  No, sadly I hadn’t.  I asked if he had written “chocolate” on the customs form.  He had.  I was pretty sure the chocolate had since disappeared into some Mozambican customs officer’s stomach.  I suggested he write “tampons” on the next customs form.

Yesterday I picked up a package from the post office with “tampons” (Belgian chocolate truffles) and a “book” (Divine chocolate bar)!

And speaking of tricks…

Today as I was returning to my office from the bank, a man approached alongside me saying, “Hello, sister.  Hello, how are you?”  This happens frequently, and I always ignore whoever is speaking.  However, this man then said, “Sister, I am from the Baptist church.”  Then I felt bad.  I stopped and greeted him and apologized, waiting for the recognition to set in.  I didn’t recall ever seeing this man at church, but he may have seen me at a larger church function.  He proceeded to explain that he was from the Second Baptist Church and knew I worked at Oasis.  He mentioned that his wife was sick, that she was HIV positive, and that he had a 3-year-old daughter to look after.  The faint warning bells that had started ringing instinctively became louder at this point:  No one ever admits being HIV positive or having family members who are.  Then he explained very proudly that next month he was going to start working with the children at his church.  An older man with poor hygiene didn’t seem like the type of volunteer our children’s coordinator would choose, but I commented, “Oh with Sister S?”  He said, “No, with Sister J.”  “Ah, yes, Sister J,” I replied.  Then the bells were loud and clear:  J has nothing to do with children’s ministry.  I waited for the story to come:  his wife in the hospital and he needs money for food or medicine.  Close enough…his wife in the hospital and someone else had given some food but if I could contribute something to help…  “I’m sorry, I don’t have anything,” I said.  And with that he walked away.   But I do give the man credit for trying with a personal angle.


One Response to “Tampon Trick”

  1. Reed Says:


    I was a bit worried to read this particular entry. However, I’m thrilled that you have received your “supplies”. Glad you’re back to updating your blog, too.


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