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Yogurty Goodness November 10, 2008

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Several months ago I started worrying about my calcium intake (or maybe that was my mother). It’s hard to eat/drink much dairy here because it’s so expensive. We buy cheese occasionally, but never eat too much of it in a week. Milk costs the equivalent of $8+ per gallon and doesn’t taste that good since it’s UHT long-life (in other words, it can sit on a shelf unrefrigerated before it’s opened). Store-bought yogurt is also very expensive. That’s when I decided to start making my own yogurt. It’s super-easy, and while powdered milk is also not cheap, it’s cheaper than buying yogurt regularly. Here’s the recipe:

¼ cup yogurt (make sure it has live cultures – check the label)

4 cups warm water

1½ cups powdered milk

Blend the yogurt starter and warm water. Add powdered milk and blend till completely mixed. Pour into glass jars (any will work – I use old mayonnaise jars). Incubate* for 8-10 hours or until set. Put lids on and refrigerate.

* I incubate by filling a pan with hot tap water, setting the jars inside, and wrapping/covering the pan with towels. In the winter, I checked the water every couple hours and cupped some of the by-then cool water out and replaced it with new hot water to keep the “bath” a constant temperature. Now that it’s summer, I don’t need to touch the water at all, and the yogurt sets more quickly. Other incubation methods I’ve read about are putting it in an oven – the pilot light should be warm enough to set it – or using a crock-pot. I have neither of those appliances so haven’t been able to try them.

And here’s a recipe for my new favorite yogurt treat:

One fresh mango

One banana

More or less ½ cup yogurt

Blend ingredients and freeze in a Tupperware container. Mmm, so fresh and healthy and yummy on these hot summer days! For the best frozen yogurt consistency, freeze just a couple hours before eating so that it’s not solid.


6 Responses to “Yogurty Goodness”

  1. Lynne Hubers Says:

    I haven’t been able to find powdered milk yet. Been looking for months. When I finally do, I’ll try this. (I also read that the pilot light in a gas oven is heat enough to set the yogurt.) Glad to know this recipe works!


  2. Rachel Says:

    I am so impressed with this. Seriously.

    Some days, I struggle to make…pasta. OK, that might be an exaggeration, but yogurt seems like an insurmountable task!

  3. Jen Says:

    Oops, you’re right, Mom, it’s the pilot light, not the lowest setting. The lowest setting might do scary things to it! I’ll change that.

  4. Sarah S Says:

    Hey Jen!
    I just found your blog and have wasted many happy hours when i should have been working over the past week reading it in its entirety. It brought back some fond memories.
    Plus, it’s good to keep up with what’s going on a bit. Give my love to everyone at Oasis.
    Miss you lots, bet the new team aren’t as good as us :p

  5. jhubers Says:

    Mom found Powered milk tonight. So we’ll be reviving this again soon . Thanks for giving us a reminder what a good idea this is.

  6. Genie Says:

    So resourceful! I find this recipe amazing. 🙂

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