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Thanksgiving Day 4 November 22, 2008

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I am thankful for Saturday. I am thankful that the week is over. I am thankful for clouds in the morning to help me sleep in and keep things slightly cooler. I am thankful for yogurt and granola for breakfast. I am thankful that I can walk to a pool. I am thankful that families tend to come in the afternoons and not in the mornings so that I can swim laps uninterrupted. I am thankful for lazing around the apartment and for good books to read and iced tea to drink. I am thankful for TV shows on DVD and a housemate who gets just as sucked in as I do. I am thankful for mid-afternoon naps. I am thankful that I only have to look at this computer long enough to post this.

It’s a lot to be thankful for in one day, but that’s why I’m so thankful for Saturday.



One Response to “Thanksgiving Day 4”

  1. Genie Says:

    I agree about mid-afternoon naps! Glad you’re sticking to this one post as your internet excursion… 🙂

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