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Thanksgiving Day 6 November 24, 2008

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I am thankful for electric fans.  On the really hot days, they just blows the hot air around.  But most of the time, especially at night, they do have a cooling effect.

My housemate and I both have big Chinese-made floor fans in our rooms.  There’s a third one in the guest room, but it doesn’t work.  One of our out-of-town friends woke up in the middle of the night back in February to find flames shooting from the top of it where the oscillation had worn through a poorly-wired wire.   Now it’s just art.  Cruel, taunting art to anyone who has to sleep in the guest room.  But that room gets a cross breeze that my room doesn’t get, which is why I’m so thankful for the fan.

Once, also back in February, we were sweating so badly at work and constantly rearranging the direction of the fan to make the most of how many people the rotation could hit.  My team leader and I spent at least ten minutes dreaming of how we could invent a 360-degree rotating fan.  Yes, I even googled it.  I shared my idea with someone else later that week who suggested we just buy an air-conditioning unit.  Ah yes, air-conditioning has already been invented and known to cool room inhabitants better than fans.

My housemate and I actually have a window AC unit in our apartment.  It used to be in my room, but we moved it to the living room.  We have yet to turn it on because we can’t afford the electricity to run it.

So we stick to our fans.


On a completely unrelated note…Did you know you can set your Google search language to Elmer Fudd?  I just discovered this as I was resetting my language from Spanish to English (for some reason my Google likes to set itself to Spanish.  Portuguese I get since my IP address shows I’m in Mozambique, but Spanish makes no sense to me.)  Now if I want to set it back to English, I just need to click on Pwefewences.


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