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Voices on Inauguration Day January 20, 2009

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Tonight I walked about a mile down the road to a Ugandan friend’s house to watch the Inauguration events on CNN.  (They have DSTV and air-conditioning.)  It was not quite as exciting and emotional as November 5 (November 6 in Moz), but it was, nevertheless, an – yes, I’m going to say it – historic moment, which I felt proud to watch from Mozambique.  When I got home, I logged on to Facebook to see others’ reactions from around the world.  As the majority of friends’ statuses were about the inauguration, I thought it would be fun to copy and paste them here.  These are both American and international friends, both inside and outside America, and clearly both Democrat-leaning and Republican-leaning. (Pasted from most recent to 12 hours back.)

…is happy to have a new President, and glad I am in the USA to see the inauguration.

…just watched the inauguration on PBS transition to a “Dragon Tales” episode about working together… so wise. Thanks PBS Kids!

…says : Nice speech Barack. Very politically correct and all inclusive. Seems like we have finally found all the answers to the world’s problems. Yeah right.

…believes that George W Bush will embrace is new role as a former citizen and will be active in some great ways in the years to come!

…is homesick but wishes everyone a happy inauguration day!!

…is thinking: good riddance Bush, have a wonderful life!

…first lady Michelle Obama’s sparkling yellow-gold sheath dress with matching coat was applauded by many as a message of HOPE.

…liked the prayer at the end of the ceremonies best. That guy just gave of the aura of history, doncha think?

…woke up in the middle of the night to watch history being made. What an incredible day!

…cried tears (of joy).

…is excited for America – great speech!

…is grateful for peaceful transitions of power.

…is Obamamania!

…is what if the mightiest word is love? :).

… is busy! history made.

…is glad that all three of her kids got to witness history with her this morning. ♥

…just posted full text of the speech on his profile.

…just found herself singing along :).

…says ” now its time to show us what you can do.”

…is … wow. Just… wow.


…is watching our new President.

…is watching…and listening.

…Congrats Mr. President.

…loves the words conratulations Mr. President.

…is crushed with disappointment to miss the inauguration. a giant hairball of disappointment.

…is ecstatic Bush isn’t our president anymore 😀 Yea Obama!


…thankful to be celebrating with my family, toasting over and over again Obama!!!! Wahoooooo!!!!!

…and the inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

…wishes you a ~ Happy Inauguration Day ~.

…is still not buying the hype. Hope comes not from man.

…is turning on the office TV at 10:30 AM!!

…thinks today is a special day, no matter who you voted for.

…looks forward to being a teacher on this historic, unprecedented day.

…wonders when America will realize it made a mistake in November.

…can now say she has met the President of the United States of America!

…is getting caught up in the excitement.

…is smiling…duh….It’s Inauguration Day!

…is ready to drop the “elect.” President Obama has a much better ring.

…is looking forward to Obama taking over.

…says “Barack Mubarak”!

…is sick and pissed off that she will miss the speech.

…is excited, hopeful and can’t get enough of Obamarama.

…is going to watch US Presidential Inauguration from Gaza, Mozambique!


2 Responses to “Voices on Inauguration Day”

  1. coffee Says:

    i don’t doubt that Obama will be a vast improvement for the U.S. and the rest of the world

  2. jhubers Says:

    We are all breathing a deep sigh of relief. . . .

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