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How Fabulous! February 14, 2009

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Imagine my delight when I read my friend Rachel’s blog the other day and saw that she had given me a blog award! Right there between “Pop Pop” (the early expansion of her pregnant stomach) and “Political capital, wherein some might say I sound like a socialist”. Apparently my blog is fabulous.fabulous-blog1 I take this as a high compliment from her because I know she reads A LOT of blogs. (Somehow she manages to post very regularly on hers in the midst of all that reading.) And now it is my honor to pass on the award to five others I deem worthy. I have no personal understanding of what it’s like to pick bridesmaids, but I imagine it’s a bit like this. How do you pick five without hurting feelings? Deep breath, here goes. Ladies and gentleman the fabulous blog award goes to (in no particular order)…

Brooke’s Precarious Residency. Brooke is one of the people here in Moz who keeps me sane and smiling (and often laughing). She is a source of much thoughtfulness, wisdom, and humor. When I first started reading her blog, I nearly stopped writing my own. Her observations of and insights into life in Moz are far deeper and more beautifully written than mine could ever be. They’re also quite random, which is one of the reasons I keep going back for more. I’ve both laughed and cried reading her writing.

Laura’s The Mouro Family. Laura was my Bible study leader for a year in college. I first met her when she had just started dating her now husband. She is now the mother of five biological children and one adopted daughter from Liberia, and is pregnant with one more! Somehow she has time to regularly update her blog in the midst of parenting, homeschooling, and cooking all her food from scratch.

I’m presenting a joint award to Zach’s and Renee’s Arden Lane. Zach and Renee are like family to me. I’ve also known them since they first started dating, and they have been my dearest friends since. I recognize that even as a married couple, they are still two distinct people with two distinct blogs. However, Zach’s a guy, and Renee doesn’t update that often.  Hence, the joint award.  (Is that harsh of me?  You know you’re still my favorite people.)  Zach, an intellectual thinker, writes primarily about education and politics. Somehow I don’t think the fabulous award quite fits in between a critique of education reform and a comic assessment of teacher happy hour; however, I still wanted to honor him and his writing. Renee has recently moved her blog from Grand Plans to Arden Lane and writes about her and Zach’s process of adopting two siblings from Colombia. I love the thoughtfulness and vulnerability that she puts into her posts, and absolutely cannot wait until she gets her kids, and neither will you when you read her posts. If only she would update more often!

Ellen’s What You Think Matters. Ellen is a former small group friend from Houston. Her blog follows no particular theme except that which is on her mind at the moment. She writes about such things as whether TV rots your brain, buying a foreclosed house, and a dead squirrel that the cat dragged in while her husband was out of town.  I’ve always appreciated Ellen for her openness, frankness, and stream-of-consciousness thinking in conversation, and that comes through in her blog as well. Plus, she’s got some really adorable pictures of her kids on there.

Jordan’s Engraved on His Hands. Jordan is an American friend from England. She has an interesting and unusual adoption story and writes thoughtfully and passionately about children, her own sweet child, faith, justice, and other things in her day-to-day life. She also sends out a women’s e-magazine, so if you fancy checking that out, drop her a line.

I’d also like to make a couple special mentions for other blogs that I personally think are fabulous but who either don’t know my blog exists so wouldn’t know that I mentioned them or who could care less if they received such an award. I am completely addicted to Christine’s Welcome to My Brain. She is a Baptist preacher’s wife from small-town Oklahoma who has a mix of biological and adopted kids with seemingly every issue you could imagine. She writes about adoption, emotional/behavioral disorders, depression, sex, marriage, and faith, among others. Plus she posts a magical milk (breastfeeding) pic o’ the week each week. I love her writing style. She’s got such sass!

The other mention goes to my friend Tom’s Embarking, which, when he regularly posts (he comes and goes), gives me good theological food for thought. He’s got great stuff to chew on, but both as a guy and as a theological/philosophical writer, I’m not sure he’d be all that excited about a fabulous blog award!


4 Responses to “How Fabulous!”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Wait wait wait!! You’re supposed to also post your five “fabulous” addictions. I sort of failed the awarding process because I forgot to include the instructions (OOPS). So edit your post!

    Otherwise, I love the blogs you listed. 🙂

  2. Jen Says:

    No, I purposely left that out. I realize it messes up the whole awarding process, but it was just too much for me. Sorry. 😦

  3. Ellen Says:

    Jen, Jen, Jen… thank you and yes, you are fabulous. Miss you and keep writing…


  4. Jordan Says:

    Thanks Jen!! That’s very sweet of you. And your blog IS fabulous, by the way. Brian loves it and is always telling me that you should be a travel-writer. Your blog is the only one that I’ve ever heard him praise like that.

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