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Barack Obama Is Where? February 16, 2009

Filed under: Uncategorized — Jen @ 6:39 pm

Yesterday in a church I was visiting with my British housemate and a new British nurse who’s working for Oasis, one of the elders wanted to pray for my housemate since that was the last time she’ll visit that church before she leaves for good in April. He explained to the congregation: “Sister Marina is returning to the land of the English, where Barack Obama is.”


2 Responses to “Barack Obama Is Where?”

  1. jhubers Says:

    Nope he’s not there. I know because his entourage drove down the street behind our house on Sunday. He is our neighbor, afterall.

    The land of the English . . .

  2. Dianna Says:

    Well, it’s nice to know their perception of “English” is about the same as some people’s perception of “Africa” as being all the same!

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