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On the Topic of 2-Ply Toilet Paper September 10, 2009

Filed under: Culture — Jen @ 3:47 pm

Many things delighted me upon arrival in the UK, such as fresh berries, Pimm’s, walking freely outside, clean and efficient public transportation, etc.  But the thing that delighted me most was thick, 2-ply toilet paper!  In my last months in Beira, Shoprite only carried 1-ply t.p.  Finally, right before I left they restocked with 2-ply.  What a novelty after so many months!

However, I didn’t realize we were still lacking in quality until I wiped in England.  As soon as I pulled some squares off, I thought, “Wow, this toilet paper is nice!”  My next thought, however, was, “Will it actually flush down??”  And the thing about the thick toilet paper is that the novelty never wore off.  Every single time I sat down on the toilet, I thought, “Wow, this toilet paper is nice!”

A related delight is that every single public restroom I walked into had toilet paper.  Every.  Single.  One.  And each time I thought, “Wow, this restroom also has toilet paper!”


One Response to “On the Topic of 2-Ply Toilet Paper”

  1. Betsy Lynne Hall Says:


    This is hilarious! It’s so true. If the restrooms in Zambezia or even in the nice gas station in Gaza actually have toilet paper, we talk about it for weeks. I just brought some 2-ply back from SA and it’s been fabulous! How funny the little things we get so excited about. When I went home, I DRANK tons of water out of the tap, just because I could. Hope you’re having fun at home!


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