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Cute Stuff Kids Say January 24, 2010

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My kids are generally not very nice to each other.  As always with first graders, there’s a lot of tattling going on.  There’s also a lot of whining.  One of my students is CONSTANTLY out of his seat and constantly bothering other children.  When I get on him, he whines, “What I diiiiiid??”  All day long I hear this particular whine.  The other day one of my sweet boys was talking about “humping girls”.  Another boy was saying “ass” all day.  Plus they’re often calling each other “ugly” or “dumb”.

However, occasionally I can get them to focus on academics, and occasionally a cute thing or two comes out of their mouths.  Here are a couple examples:

We’ve been studying Martin Luther King for the past couple weeks.  In one book it said that “people should not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”  I asked them what they thought that meant.  They turned to a partner and discussed.  When they turned back to the front, I asked what they had thought with their partners.  One little boy confidently raised his hand and said very intellectually, “Well, we were thinking about Spongebob.  Because you know, Spongebob, he’s a character.”

Another day we were working on main idea and details.  We put “Martin Luther King was an important man,” as our main idea.  Then I was asking them to come up with details from all the books we’ve read.  Someone said, “He was shot and killed.”  I wrote that down.  Then another boy said, “Martin Luther King died for our sins.”  I tried not to laugh and asked, “Was that Martin Luther King?”  He kind of shook his head, smiled sheepishly, and said, “Oh, no.  That was God.”


One Response to “Cute Stuff Kids Say”

  1. Brooke Says:

    those made me laugh out loud.

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