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Fat Men Beating Each Other Up Over a Little Ball Trumps Worshipping God, Our Lord and Savior, Who Created the Heavens and the Earth February 7, 2010

Filed under: Culture — Jen @ 2:30 am

The following message was sent out from my church this week:
Super Bowl party directly following the 5:30 service! The service will be kept short and we will be recording the Super Bowl – so you won’t miss any of the game or any commercials. Bring your favorite Super Bowl dish or snack to share.  (My emphasis added.)

Seriously??  I certainly have skipped church on occasion for likely unworthy causes but never to sit in front of the TV.  This is why I sometimes hate this country.  Now the question is, do I want to go to that service at all knowing that there will be all kinds of references to football?

(I don’t know why that paragraph is so small.  I can’t find anything on here to change the size or type of the font.)


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