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Simple IQ Test February 10, 2010

Filed under: Teaching — Jen @ 3:07 am

Last night I had a very unfortunate run-in with a couple falling glasses.  My thumb was sliced up pretty badly, but my roommate came to the rescue with enough bandages to resemble Little Jack Horner.  Fortunately, by this morning I could wear just a band-aid.  But even a band-aid catches the attention of 6-year-olds.  The questions started as soon as they entered the room:

Boy 1:  What happened to your thumb?

Me:  My baby tiger bit me.

Boy 1:  (satisfied with the answer) Oh.

Girl:  You have a baby tiger?

Me:  Do you really think I do?

Girl:  No.


Boy 2:  (yelling from his desk)  What happened to your thumb?

Me:  (ignoring him)

Boy 3:  T wants to know what happened to your thumb.

Me:  My baby tiger bit me.

Boy 3:  (satisfied with answer and walking over to Boy 2)  Her baby tiger bit her.

Boy 2 then looked at me with a skeptical look, grinned, and shook his head.


One Response to “Simple IQ Test”

  1. Tanya Lewis Says:

    Hi, Jennifer! Just wanted to drop by and say, “Hi!”. I love catching up with you via your blog. . .sounds like your experiences at school this semester are keeping you on your toes! It would be interesting to turn yourself upside down, inside out and see You from the kids’ eyes — would be an interesting to see what they see/interpret!

    Hope you’re headed this way soon. . . missing seeing you around! Hugs!

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