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Smart Kid February 27, 2010

Filed under: Teaching — Jen @ 9:16 pm

I need to share a little anecdote about my student, T. who is the one who understood that I was pulling everyone’s leg with my baby tiger story.  First of all T. drove me nuts because he only has one volume, which is consistently set to high.  With him, I often dramatically covered my ears and said, “Ow, T. you’re hurting my ears!”  But I love that kid.  He wasn’t at the top of the class, but he has a sharp, inquisitive mind and is really sweet.  I’m writing in the past tense because, sadly, he moved last week.  Last Friday was his last day.

And last Friday we were reading a book about Barack Obama and read a sentence that stated, “Barack was kind, fair, and honest.”  Earlier in the week we had learned about Abraham Lincoln, and I wanted them to make a connection between the two.  So I paused and said, “Hmmm, kind, fair, and honest…who does that make you think of?”  One child blurted out, “Abraham Lincoln!” at the same time that T. shot his hand in the air and yelled out, “Ms. Hubers!”


One Response to “Smart Kid”

  1. Tanya Lewis Says:

    Jen, even though T is no longer a student in your classroom, you made a positive and lasting impression on that little mind! Isn’t that what teaching is all about?! Good job, Ms. Hubers!

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