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Small Town Rodeo March 7, 2010

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Last night I joined a group of friends on a little road trip south of Houston to the Matagorda County Rodeo in Bay City (pop. 18,000).  Yes, the Houston Rodeo is going on.  Yes, people at the small town rodeo wondered why we trekked all the way down there for a local rodeo when we’ve got the country’s biggest rodeo in our backyard.  Well, because the small town rodeo is authentic.  It’s not about Keith Urban or Black Eyed Peas in concert or sitting in the nosebleed section of Reliant Stadium, straining to see the action down below.  It’s about buying a hamburger from the the local church ladies and sitting only a few rows back from all the mud-slinging action.  It’s about seeing events that the Houston Rodeo doesn’t include, like wild cow saddling: