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English as a Second Language? April 2, 2010

Filed under: Language,Teaching — Jen @ 6:33 pm

My students are officially native English speakers.  I beg to differ.  Here are actual things said in my classroom:

– What I did?

– What dat is?

– What this say?

– Where he is?

– What you say?  Also:  What did you said?

– Is you finished?

– I’m is.  (In response to me asking if he was following directions.)

– You had put it up in there?

– I axed him but he had said no.

– I had went to my grandma house.

– You hadded 15 then you taked away four more.

– Did the girl gived it to you?

– I know where he at.

– He tryin’ look at them fishes.

– She findin’ her a job right now.

– I been did it.

– I fit to go.  (A variation of the common Texan phrase, “I’m fixin’ to go.”)

– I fit to use it on myself.  (Translation:  I’m about to pee on myself.)

– Ain’t no Donnie here.

– What’s the other one is?


2 Responses to “English as a Second Language?”

  1. Dianna Says:

    How do you fix that?! It’s awful! Actually, it makes me very sad because these kids start off so bad and if they don’t get some encouragement/training at home, how do they ever get out of the “hole”?

  2. Kacie Says:

    Here’s an interesting one from family in Dallas. Our aunt was at the doctor’s office and the nurse came out calling “laiya, laya… laaya?” No one responded. Finally the nurse spelled out the name, “L..A..-… Y… A”

    A woman stood up and said, “Is you stupid? It’s “Ladasha”

    hah! First time I’ve heard of a punctuation mark being used as an actual syllable.

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