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Favorite Photos, Including Photo #1 April 4, 2010

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Yesterday I enjoyed a very rare day of rest.  I didn’t have to work because of Good Friday.  Originally I had planned to drive a couple hours west to ride the roller-coaster hills between two state parks that are part of the upcoming MS 150.  As much as I could have used the training, I needed to sleep in and have an unscheduled day more.  So I did my taxes, putzed around the house, then spent the afternoon wandering Fotofest exhibits.

Whenever I look at photos exhibits I’m inspired to either take more photos or try to do something interesting with the photos I already have.  For awhile now I’ve wanted to do something with my “favorites” – e.g. print out my favorite ten photos from Mozambique, print out my favorite ten photos of children, etc.  Yesterday I decided to do something simpler.  I decided to start from my very first digital folder (summer 2006) and choose one favorite photo from the folder to post on here and write why.  Then I’ll choose a favorite photo from the next folder and so on.  It will let me do something somewhat interesting with my photos (hopefully others think so!), let me share some stories, and keep me motivated to post on here more regularly since I don’t have time to sit down and write proper posts as often as I’d like.  Themes keep me motivated.  I’d like to say I’ll post a photo each day, but I think it will end up being a few a week.  I also haven’t decided if I’ll use every single folder in my Picasa.  We’ll see how it evolves.  Of course I will also try to write other posts as well since I always have other ideas floating around my head.  I’m just waiting for some time to sit down and write, which probably won’t come until after the MS 150 (two more weeks!)

The summer of 2006, I went to New Mexico for my then-boyfriend’s family reunion.  We took off for an afternoon to hike in Tent Rocks.  The rock formations were stunning!  I had just transitioned from film camera to digital and kept worrying about taking so many pictures.  There were a lot of experimental photos in there and a lot that all looked the same, especially the ones where we tried to capture the lighting that kept lighting up the dark sky in the distance.  Of all the photos of the rocks, I think this one captures the beauty of them best and the beauty of that day best as storms kept threatening around us.


One Response to “Favorite Photos, Including Photo #1”

  1. Kacie Says:

    Beautiful. I might just do a photo series as well! Sometimes a picture sums up so much…

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