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Photo #3 April 6, 2010

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There is a Houston artist who created giant presidential head sculptures.  Sometime in the past few years while I was out of the country, some of the heads have been displayed along freeways near downtown, but in 2006 they were all in the back of the sculptor’s warehouse in a warehouse district just northwest of downtown.  At the time that part of town was only warehouses.  In the past few years, though, it has developed quite a bit with a string of new townhouses, restaurants and bars along the main street near there and a Target on the other side.  At the time, though, it required quite a bit of hunting to find the presidential heads hidden among the warehouses.  But how delightful to finally find them one afternoon!  I love their randomness.  And I love the white and blue in this photo.

Incidentally the artist is selling his warehouse, and my church is now in negotiations to buy it for our new worship space!  I love that I have a connection to the space from before the heads were displayed and before Target sprung up behind it.


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