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Photo #4 – Warning: R rated April 7, 2010

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These photos still make me laugh.  I have to put the two of them together for the full effect.  Over Labor Day weekend 2006, my then-boyfriend, M., and I decided to roadtrip to Florida to visit some friends of his.  I had never been to Florida or any of the states in between, and this was just a year after Hurricane Katrina.  We drove along the coast to get there and stopped in New Orleans on the way back.  This folder is filled with photos of destruction, which still make me really sad.  But on the way out to Florida, we stopped in a small town somewhere in Louisiana and wandered through a roadside “souvenir” tent that sold all things Confederate:  the Confederate flag on tee-shirts, on flip-flops, on bandanas, on bikinis.  It also sold produce.  (So really it met all your clothing and dining needs in one simple shop.)  While I was browsing, M. grabbed a cap, put it on my head, then grabbed my camera.  He wouldn’t let me take a look at what it was, just told me to smile for the camera, which you can see I’m doing in the first photo.  Then it dawned on me that if he wouldn’t let me take a look, I probably looked completely ridiculous in whatever was on my head.  Hence the second look.  Keep in mind, I still had no idea what was on my head at that point!

To be fair to M., who is not completely degrading to women, he didn’t realize what the image was – he was only laughing at the words – until after I finally pulled off the cap and pointed it out.


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