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Photo #5 April 8, 2010

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This folder isn’t as much fun because I already pulled this photo out as a favorite for its aesthetic appeal about half a year ago, submitted it to a photo exhibit, and had it on display for awhile.  But I do have a funny God anecdote about it.

While I was still living in Mozambique, I found out that this photo was chosen for an exhibit in Houston.  I was honored and excited until I found out that I was in charge of printing and framing it and delivering it to the gallery myself, which is obviously kind of tricky from a foreign country.  I was also shocked at how much it was going to cost me to do all that – about $120.  The upside to spending that much was that I could potentially sell the photo for $300.  Thank goodness for the internet.  I uploaded the photo to a site where I could order prints, had it shipped to a framer in Houston, whom I had skyped and made arrangements with, and she framed it and delivered it to the gallery.  I didn’t actually see the final product until the opening reception.  It was all very exciting, until I picked up the photo at the end of the exhibit, unsold.  I began thinking of ways I could sell the piece to at least break even since I couldn’t really afford the printing and framing costs in the first place.  I decided I would try to sell it at an upcoming art market where I had a table.

Several weeks later I got a mass email from a pastor friend of mine who runs a very cool non-profit pastoral care ministry.  He puts on an annual fundraising art auction and was soliciting artistic contributions.  As I was reading, a voice popped into my head:  “Give him the photo.”  I responded:  “Well, let me first try to sell it at the market.  If it doesn’t sell, then I’ll give it to him.”  As soon as I thought it, I almost heard the original voice laugh at me, and I knew it wouldn’t sell.  I knew the photo belonged to my friend and the auction.  But, of course, I tried to sell it anyway.  Would you believe no one even looked at it??  Slightly humbled,  I handed the piece over to my friend.

The auction is still a few weeks away, and I hope many, many people look at this and bid on it so that it brings in even more than $300 for the ministry.  That would be an even better story to tell…


2 Responses to “Photo #5”

  1. Shengfen Says:

    I think someone will complete this story with a very happy ending. 🙂

  2. chad Says:

    Thanks for offering it for the auction, Jen! It’s an amazing piece and I’ve enjoyed having it in my office as it awaits the auction!

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