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Photo #16 May 12, 2010

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Before I left for England I prayed for two things:  good housemates and a good church.  God provided both in surprising and wonderful ways.  I was in the unique situation of living with nine other grad students from nine other countries:  Taiwan, Canada, India, Chile, Italy, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Tanzania, and England.  Amazingly we all got along really well.  There were a few small personality clashes, and some of us became closer than others, but overall it was an exceptional living arrangement.  We didn’t have much of a living room in our house, so the kitchen became the gathering place.  It was rare for all ten of us to be together at once, but we did manage on some occasions to all gather at the same time.

This communal meal took place right before we all went our separate ways for a month’s winter holidays.  I have no idea where our Italian housemate was for this picture.  (He shows up in other pictures from the same night.)  And obviously I’m behind the lens.


3 Responses to “Photo #16”

  1. Kacie Says:

    How FUN. I think I would have loved that variety and diversity!

  2. Sarah S Says:

    In reply to your comment on my blog:
    I know, i haven’t posted forever, i’m sorry. I’m really intending to start posting again, having it makes me consciously process things more. I’ll start writing again when my exams finish. I promise.
    I have, however, started a (different) photo blog, which you are welcome to follow. It’s I update it vaguely more regularly than my written one, although still not as much as i intend to!.

  3. Ghislaine Says:

    I can hardly believe that we’ve been having similar thoughts at the same time. For some reason I haven’t been able to stop thinking about our time in the UK and the wave of nostalgia suggests it is because of everything that was good to remember. I love your photos and loved finding this one with Windleshan people in it.

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