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Decision Day July 14, 2010

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(Written on July 12.)

Today is D-Day, the last day I have to resign from my teaching contract.  I’ve been praying for something else to come up before today.  Last night I got an email from the university in Somaliland saying I look like a good candidate and they’d like to skype with me this week.

This morning I visited the international school, just to observe.  I was transported back 24 years to my school days in Salalah.  Old-school British education, taught to a random mix of expat kids.  At break time the half dozen teachers sat on the veranda drinking tea and asked me if I can come as soon as the end of August.

Tomorrow morning I’m going to visit a mission-run Mozmabican school.  The new director needs help developing the curriculum, training teachers, and helping to refocus their vision so that they are Christian in deed as well as in name.

I was meant to resign from my teaching contract by today.  I haven’t heard back from my principal about what happens if I’m offered a job overseas after today.

I’ve spent the last couple months hoping for non-first grade options.  The thought of teaching first grade for another year makes me feel really trapped.  Then all day yesterday, the day before D-Day, I spent all day convincing myself of all the benefits of being in Houston and teaching for another year – all the financial, spiritual, relational reasons why it would be great.

Are those good reasons to stay?  What are my reasons to go?


3 Responses to “Decision Day”

  1. Today is July 15, three days after D-Day. Anymore news on your decision? I’ve been praying. Grandma H.

  2. brooke Says:

    so what did you DECIDE????

  3. Jen Says:

    I’m completely gutted, but it looks like I’m headed back to teach in Houston. 😦

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