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Why Can’t They Be 36? September 18, 2010

Filed under: Teaching — Jen @ 3:51 am

…Instead of six.

Earlier this week a little boy in my partner teacher’s class walked past me from the restroom back to the recess line and said, “That’s a great dress, Ms. Hubers!”  Then another little boy in her class, who I didn’t know spoke English, said, “You look pretty today.”  I smiled and thanked him.  On our way back from recess the same little boy raised his hand and when I walked over to him, he said, “You look so pretty today.”

The next day, as he was sitting in the restroom line, he raised his hand to tell me once again how pretty I looked.

On the third day as I took over the restroom line for my partner, the same boy stopped on his way back to the line to tap me on the arm and simply smile and say, “Hi.”

Where are the men who are so eager to tell me how pretty I am?  Sigh.

On a related note, I intercepted a note today between a little boy and little girl in my class that said:  “boyoulikeme”.  (Translation:  Do you like me?)


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