Bird on a Bare Branch

Attempting to fling a frail song in my little corner of the world

Photo #31 September 29, 2010

Filed under: Pictures — Jen @ 4:40 am

I wanted to write something about my new teaching gig.  I tried.  But today was hard.  This week is hard.  This month is hard.  I’ll write about it some other time.

So I decided to go back to my photos instead.  The Netherlands folder is difficult because there are about 500 pictures in there!  Lots of tulips.  Yet in amongst all those tulips, these daffodils are my favorite.  The yellow and the sun and the blue sky make me happy.  The jaunty angle defies me to be anything but happy.


2 Responses to “Photo #31”

  1. Kacie Says:

    Sorry it’s hard. Here’s to hoping the hard stuff produces better times soon.

  2. Dianna Says:

    Ahhhh, I love daffodils…and jonquils. Think that’s because it is the flower of the month for March!!

    I can’t tell you to hang in there, as that’s too easy….I just hope you’re starting up the other side of the valley, because I think you need a peak/peek at the top of a mountain.

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