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The Future Lies in Their Hands. Oh Crap. November 11, 2010

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My students have been learning about explorers in social studies.  We haven’t gone very in-depth, but they were exposed to Columbus, Cortes, La Salle, Coronado, and Cabeza de Vaca.  Yesterday they were introduced to Lewis and Clark.

I showed them on the large US map today how Lewis and Clark started out in St. Louis and headed West.  (“West, East.  North, South.  Look, here’s Houston.  We live in the South.  Look, here’s Washington DC.  President Obama lives in the East.  They were kind of in the middle and headed West.”)

Someone asked, “Did they walk all that way?”  Very reasonable question.  I asked the class what they thought or knew about how they traveled.  I got blank looks.

I started prompting with what I thought were ridiculous questions:  “Did they fly in a plane?”

They collectively – and correctly! – responded, “No!”

I asked, “Did they sail in a ship?”

I anticipated another, “No!” but got a collective – yes, collective –  “Yes!”

I walked back to the map.  “Really, you guys?  They sailed in a ship across America??”

Another collective, “Yes!”

Me:  “Really?  In a ship? Across all this land?

Another collective, “Yes!”

I couldn’t even hide my exasperation.  “What do you need to sail a ship?”  Black looks.

One student finally said, “Water.”

I asked, “Okay, then, if you need water, was it possible for Lewis and Clark to sail a ship across America.”

I finally got a few hesitant No’s.