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On the First Day of Christmas December 14, 2010

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I’m not actually sure when the twelve days of Christmas are, but let’s say they start today.  (Oops, I just googled it, and it’s the twelve days from Christmas to Epiphany.  So this is purely Jen’s Twelve Days.)  I’m doing this for several reasons:

1)  I haven’t blogged in forever and probably have lost all my readers, so need to get on it.  However, that leads me to my next points…

2)  I have a sink FULL of dishes and a book bag FULL of grading, so…

3)  I don’t really have time to write the posts I really want to write about how awful teaching is.

4) In my photo series, I hit Scotland and got stuck because there are over 300 photos in there, and how’s a girl to choose?

5) Christmas is about to pass me by very, very quickly if I don’t take two minutes each day to stop and post a Christmas photo.

So I am.  And here is the first day of Christmas.

From 2006, a longer-than-planned-for Christmas in Chicago during my year in England.  It was a dark winter in more ways than one, but that trip was brightened by visits to Chicago from a couple different good friends.  I believe this photo was taken during a stroll around Wicker Park.



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