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My New Favorite Things April 16, 2011

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1.  Vibram Five Fingers 

These are by far the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn.  It really feels like I’m barefoot but almost better because I know my feet are protected.  I’ve been thinking about getting these for awhile because I had heard they were good for people with IT band problems.  My IT band is what’s been preventing me from running properly for the past nine years.  I’ve only run in these a couple times, but already I’m amazed at the difference.  It’s a completely different form of running – forefoot strike not heel strike – which felt weird at first but actually more natural and graceful once I made the switch.  My calves are killing me!  But my IT band has not bothered me at all.

Houston Marathon in January?…

2.  Rotisserie chicken 

Why has no one ever brought this to my attention before??  I certainly was aware that rotisserie chicken existed; however, I never thought to buy one.  Why would I want a whole chicken for myself?  Then I was at someone’s house recently eating some really delicious chicken, and the “cook” mentioned that it was rotisserie chicken from Kroger for $5.  Deal!  So guess what I now buy on my weekly Kroger trip?  It’s perfect for my lunches because I can make yummy chicken sandwiches or add it to my spinach salads.  (Plus, as I searched for a picture to put on here – credit goes to – I came across lots of rotisserie chicken recipes.  So much more to explore!)

3.  John for Everyone by N.T. Wright

Sorry, no picture for this one.  The cover’s really cheesy.

I’m doing a long-distance Bible study with someone on the book of John.  Typically I enjoy John for the chance to go back to the basics.  But because I’ve read through it so many times, I wasn’t feeling all that inspired when I opened it this time around.  I wanted something fresh.  I wanted to somehow erase all the familiarity of John and somehow be able to pretend that I was a new believer or someone picking up the Bible for the first time.  Then I remembered that N.T. Wright has a series of For Everyone commentaries.  Thanks to Mr. Wright, I now feel like I’m reading John in some ways for the first time.  He’s highlighting things I’ve never picked up on before and making connections that now seem obvious to me but that I hadn’t made previously.  I am now excited to read through John!


2 Responses to “My New Favorite Things”

  1. jhubers Says:

    N.T. Wright is great! So is rotisserie chicken 🙂 Unfortunately its not as available here . . . One of the drawbacks living in small town America.

  2. robyn Says:

    you should make chicken salad with it…it’s really great! sorry i didn’t share this goodness with you when we lived together….but atleast you are enjoying it now!! ❤

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