Bird on a Bare Branch

Attempting to fling a frail song in my little corner of the world

Photo #51 May 17, 2011

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Before I first moved to Houston in 2003, I flew down for two weeks to look for a job since the job I originally had lined up fell through.  Zach and Renee were gone for the summer, so I stayed in their apartment and used their car.  Each day I would map out a route, dropping my resume off at as many schools as I could in any given school district.  It was stressful.  I didn’t know the freeways or the major roads so relied entirely on my maps.  I spent all day every day in the car and thought Houston was made up of nothing but freeways, strip malls, and apartment complexes.  Concrete and glass everywhere.  I longed for something natural.

That weekend in between the two weeks of job-hunting, I decided to explore the museum district.  I headed for the Menil Collection and was surprised to find an open grassy area beside it.  Even though it was close to 100 degrees with high humidity, and even though I was dripping in sweat and constantly swatting mosquitoes, I sat on a bench near the Menil and relished the peace around me.  It was green and natural and open and pretty, and I couldn’t hear the sound of any freeway.  I knew then that Houston would be okay since I had a sanctuary in the middle of the city.

The Menil continues to be my sanctuary.  Except for one year, I have always lived within walking distance and love my Sunday afternoon strolls over there with a blanket and a book in my bag, sometimes with a companion and bubble tea, sometimes alone.  I have discovered many more gems in Houston over the years, but that park is still my favorite spot in the city.


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