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Photos #53 May 21, 2011

Filed under: Pictures — Jen @ 4:29 pm

I have to post two pictures today, only because they’re of equally fun Halloween costumes.  I don’t usually do a whole lot for Halloween, but the Fall between England and Mozambique, I was making my way up north from Houston to the Midwest and happened to celebrate Halloween twice:  once in Cincinnati with Zach and Renee because they were having their small group over for a Halloween party, and once in Detroit with Mike because it was actually Halloween.  The theme of the evening in Cincinnati was “famous duos” since they’re in a couples small group.  Famous duos plus famous single?  I’m used to being the third, fifth, seventh, ninth, or any other odd-numbered wheel, but I was not looking forward to that party.  Zach and Renee were very sympathetic to my feelings (note:  they did not plan the party) and decided ahead of time that we would be a famous trio.

The costume in Detroit was less creative since it was actually one I stole from one of the “famous duos” in Cincinnati.  It’s also less obvious.  Can you figure out what we are?  Note the color we’re wearing.


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