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Summer Lovin’ June 12, 2011

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I got a manicure last week and had my toes painted yellow.  I have happy feet.

I went dancing one night with friends.  We stayed out till 4am.

I go to yoga every day.  Today it kicked my butt, but my body’s getting stronger, and I truly am more relaxed and clear-minded each day because of it.

I wake up early, but not too early, every morning with enough time to have a full morning but after the sun has already risen.  Good morning sunshine!

My internet has been down in my apartment for over a week.  It’s a bit frustrating but simplifies my life.  I spend time at coffee shops these days to read and write emails and blogs.

I have brunch and coffee with good friends.

People bless my home with their presence around my table for home-cooked meals.

My goal this summer is to cook every recipe in the Spring and Summer sections of the Mennonite cookbook, Simply in Season.  I am only five recipes in, but so far they’ve all been a success.  Biggest hit:  asparagus quiche in potato crust.

I volunteered for three days at the warehouse that my church bought and is renovating.  I hauled wood and weathering strips and picked up piles of nuts and bolts and stacked insulation and tore down a wall and loaded copper wires on a trailer.  I was filthy and scratched up and tired, but it felt so good.  I also got the best compliment ever:  One of the guys told the supervisor that I’m “a beast” and “work with the dudes”.

I’m reading a memoir by a white Zimbabwean.

I’m going to see my old students in summer school on Tuesday.  Afterwards I’m meeting a former colleague for foot massages in Chinatown.

I think I’m going to have my hairdresser cut some bangs this week.

I’m cleaning out and reorganizing my apartment.

Sometimes I sit in the peace and quiet of my apartment and watch the bamboo leaves outside my kitchen window blow in the wind and pray or just be still.


2 Responses to “Summer Lovin’”

  1. brooke Says:

    I just finished a memoir by a white Zimbabwean! Peter Godwin, When the Crocodile Ate the Sun. It made me want to cry about 80% of the time. It’s very good. Are you reading Alexandra Fuller?

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