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Thank You Detroit Drug Dealers July 5, 2011

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I drove over to T’s last night around 10pm.  Everywhere I looked, there were fireworks being set off in the sky, from street corners, backyards, and rooftops.  Children in front yards waved sparklers.  Who knew inner-city folk knew how to celebrate the 4th so well!  When I got to T’s, he wanted me to help take the kayak off the roof of the car and into the storage shed.  “But will we miss the fireworks?” I asked.  There was a particularly good show off the roof the multi-story apartment building at the end of his block.  He laughed, “They’ll be going on all night long.”


Sure enough.  We sat on the back porch and watched a lengthy show through the trees.  And I mean lengthy.  And impressive.  These were big fireworks.  And lots of them.  I kept thinking we had seen the finale, but then there would be another “finale”.  T explained that the good displays are put on by the drug dealers as a way of “giving back” to the community.  The random little three-firework displays were just the neighbors.  The others were dealers.  Clearly they’ve got cash.


I just googled “how much do fireworks cost?” and found this:  The typical July 4th show budget is $3000 to $20,000. For smaller events, away from the July 4th holiday, we suggest starting at about $3000. 


Detroit is a depressed place, but for one night it was magical as dueling fireworks lit up the sky for hours.  Thank you drug dealers for giving back for a night.


Official firework display over the river between Detroit and Windsor, Ontario on June 27 to celebrate Canada Day and American Independence Day. (Sorry, no photos from last night.)


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  1. Kacie Says:

    You should post photos from your London trip too! I love love london and would love to live there. Too bad it’s so expensive. 🙂

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