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Photo #70 October 13, 2011

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Part of what Oasis Moz does is host gap year teams from the UK.  When I first arrived in Beira, there was a team of three girls who were working with a church in Manga.  As I spent my first several months visiting different churches, I naturally attended theirs a couple times.  I actually loved the congregation.  They were small.  They met in a reed structure with dirt floors.  The service went on for hours, as all good Mozambican services do.  The pastor was crazy.  But there was something about the church that was really enticing.  They were friendly, they were lively, they were uninhibited in their worship.  Mostly what I think I appreciated is that they were welcoming.  Women in the congregation actually approached me and spoke to me.  I rarely experienced this in other churches.  I probably would have gotten more involved if it weren’t so far from where I lived.  But I would visit occasionally and always appreciated the welcome I received.


This picture was taken on the team’s last Sunday.  After the service, everyone gathered outside the church to sing a send-off song.  These are the kids and the adults doing the hand motions.


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