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Photo #71 October 17, 2011

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I take a lot of pictures of food.  I like trying new food, and it often connects me to a place.  If I have a picture of a certain dish, I also remember who I was with, where I was at the time, how I was feeling, what else we did that day, etc.  I always take pictures of food when I’m with people, so food pictures always equal happy times with friends and good memories.

The food in this picture doesn’t necessarily look that appetizing, but it was quite a luxurious feast of treats by our meager Beira standards.  It was my 30th birthday party/housewarming party that my housemate and I hosted.  Between the two of us and one of our colleagues, we made pizza, fresh guacamole, tomato-feta bites, spring rolls, and sushi.  Because it was Mozambique, all of that was made from scratch.  No Kroger take-out sushi!  Our colleague hand-rolled those and hand-made the spring rolls.  Then we also had chips and veggies and dip and cheese and crackers.  Yes, that’s brie.  (Sometimes we could find brie in the supermarket but not milk.  Go figure.)  But look at that poor cheddar all melting into a cheddary pool on the plate.  We might have had delicious appetizers, but we still had no air-conditioning.

What does this picture connect me to?  My housemates, friends, hospitality, and the fun of being creative with what we had.


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