Bird on a Bare Branch

Attempting to fling a frail song in my little corner of the world

Photo #75 October 21, 2011

Filed under: Pictures — Jen @ 5:57 am

In Savane life slows down to meaningful.  There is nothing to do but read a book on the beach, go for a walk, go for a swim, eat delicious crab curry or prawns caught that day, fall asleep in your tent listening to the waves and the wind blow through the coconut palms, wake up at dawn, and repeat.  You can be on the beach alone and not worry that someone is going to mug you or even hassle you since there are no people except the other, mostly white South African and Zimbabwean guests.  Especially at sunrise the beach is usually entirely empty.

It is only an hour’s drive from Beira, but the challenge is having a vehicle to get out there, choosing the right time of year so that the road is actually driveable, having the extra money to pay for the ferry, accommodation, and meals, and having a free weekend to make it worthwhile.  But when there’s a free weekend, a little extra cash, the road is good, a vehicle is available, and it’s not too hot, your soul thanks you for making the trip.


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