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Photo #81 November 2, 2011

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One day my colleague, Joao, and I walked all over Beira on an aventura de turismo (tourism adventure).  I wanted to take pictures around the city but needed a guard so my camera wouldn’t get snatched.  Joao was happy to oblige the white girl’s weird desires.  If you recall my posts about immigration, Joao was my colleague who used to accompany me to the immigration office and who I was able to improve my Portuguese with.  He is still the only Mozambican I know who asked conversational questions.  He laughed at most of the things I wanted to take pictures of:  “You want to take a picture of the hardware store?  Okay.”  “You want to take a picture of pineapples in a cart?  Okay.”  I think he was most amused when I stopped a random street vendor and excitedly asked if I could take his picture since he was wearing a shirt from my university.  (I’m including it just for novelty’s sake.)

It was hard to choose my favorite shot from this folder, but I will say the fruit and vegetables on the street make me happiest.  This is how I bought my produce.  I miss the personal interactions of buying produce and the delight at different fruit appearing at different times of the year.  Lychee season and avocado seasons were always my favorite, although tangerine season always smelled the best with tangerines being sold and bought and instantly eaten along every street.  And look at the size of those avocados!  They’re practically the size of the papayas.



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