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She Going to Kiss With Boy April 21, 2012

Filed under: Marriage,Teaching — Jen @ 7:48 pm

I thought my kids knew I was getting married.  Apparently they didn’t all understand.  Or they forgot.

The other day as I was bringing my kids back to our classroom from Art, another teacher asked me in the hallway when I’m getting married.  The kids at the end of the line perked up and started twittering, “She getting married?”

The five kids who came to the table for small group wanted to verify:  “You going to marry?”  Someone asked, “Why you want to marry?”  I said, “Why do I want to get married?  Well, why do people get married?”  The only girl in the group said, “To have baby.  You want baby?”  Umm…I said, “Well, one day I’d like to have a baby.”  That seemed to satisfy her, and she told me her mom wants to have a baby.

Then one of the boys said, “I feel so sad you going to marry.”  I asked him why he felt so sad, but he told me he didn’t know.

Two other boys were chattering in their language and giggling.  I said, “English please.”  One of them looked at me sheepishly and said, “I tell him, “When Ms. Hubers get married, she going to kiss with boy.””

And with that we moved on to some math.